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J-School is a 4-week interactive video-based training program that teaches actors how to get an agent, how to get auditions and how to nail auditions.

Whether you’re brand new to the industry or an established actor ready to grow, J‑School will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to turn your acting into a career.

"Since J-School, I have been auditioning a lot and even auditioned for Percy Jackson. I also joined a talent agency in Sydney and Melbourne! Thank you so much Jackie for this amazing opportunity, you have made me truly inspired."

Tayla Rees
J-School 2021 Grad

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How does J-School work?

J-School trainings are released in weekly modules with easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, and Fun Sheets. All of the training is online inside a private, J‑School member-only site.

J‑School also includes interactive components like “Office Hours” where Jackie answers questions and offers strategic advice to ensure that our members take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Plus, you’re a J‑Schooler for life. You can retake the program for free each year, for as long as the program exists.

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Is this program right for me?

This program is designed for actors who want to:

  • get a talent agent
  • get auditions
  • understand the audition process
  • nail their auditions
  • take their career to the next level
  • know how to communicate with Casting Directors
  • know how find Casting Directors
  • understand how to work with a talent agent to get more auditions

J-School is intensive and challenging. There are no silver bullets, simple formulas or guaranteed results.

Becoming an actor requires enormous focus, courage, and tenacity. Most of all, it requires consistent action and a willingness to play the long game.

As the adage goes, give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime. That’s why our primary goal is to train you to think, behave and make smart decisions — so you have skills that serve you for life.

J-School is for doers and change-makers who want to use their gifts to become a professional and paid actor.


Who teaches J-School?

Oh hello, I’m Jacqueline Olivier aka Jackie O! I have more than 15 years of experience in the casting world!


Consumer Testimonials. As with any related program, your results using J-School may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, business acumen, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. J-School is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes lots of time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great toolbox to achieve your desired results, and our grads agree.


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